La Reine Aux Cinq Visages

Le Procès et la poursuite

The sentence

Governor Nighthill was about to sentence Olaf for killing a human when a blue Half-Dragon named “Cyanwrath” challenged the people of Greenest to a duel to the death. Win or lose, 4 hostage would be set free. Olaf agreed to the governor term and duel the champion in exchange for his forgiveness.

The duel

They prepared for the battle they placed themselves in a circle on the side of the tower. Drakar went on top of the tower then Arya gave a potion to Olaf and all the others went in the circle. The blue Dragonborn spit out electrical current then Olaf and the Blue Dragonborn prepared to fight. The Dragonborn is holding a huge sword and Olaf hit him with his axe, scraped off scales from the Dragon borne. Then the battle continues with the Dragonborn and his huge sword. Olaf fought well and the half dragon got more they he bargained for. Too strong, the half-dragon still win fairly easily but not without a scratch.
At the end of the battle Olaf was nearly dead and the Blue Dragonborn left with pride with all the rest of the enemies thinking Olaf is dead.

Recovery and pursuit

Arya healed Olaf wounds saving his life and the enemies left with all the gold and money from the village. We met a new person inside the castle named Adrik Ironfist. The dwarf, a veteran of Moradin Anvil Army, is the nephew of Escobert the Red. Covered with armor and riding a war pony named “Granite” that seems to be stronger then him, Adrik joined our group at the request of the governor. Arya, Olaf, Drakar, Theodobaldus, Eleniel and Adrik with his war pony followed the enemies.

Bad Weather

When night fall came we made a fire eat and slept outside surrounded by little hills and a few trees around and rained on us overnight. We woke up in the morning everything turned to mud. We tryed to follow the trail from the enemies then further in the hills we saw smoke. We came closer and noticed two enemies sitting around a fire so we went around them and continued our quest.


Further in the day, the trail slops down making stone walls on each side of the trail and two big stones fall in the middle of the trail blocking it. Suddently, tree enemies start attacking us from the top of the walls so Eleniel transformed into a giant spider and we all started climbing the walls to attack the enemies. At the end of the battle all of the enemies but one are dead and we captured the lonely enemie left for Eleniel to wrap him with her spider web leaving only his head sticking out. We questioned him but he would only listening to Drakar. Adrik quickly prove himself as a true veteran as he won his side of the fight easily and his war pony trampled the last one trying to escape. Arya put a spell on the enemie to force him to talk and we got all the useful information out of him. After Olaf shopped him in half with his axe.



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